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About – Indian Gardner

“Live with a little more green”

How did it start?

Abhishek And I were looking for indoor plants for our new office decoration. Then we got to know about a nursery which sells all types of plants with beautifully decorated vases. The nursery was about 8kms away from our new office.

The moment we stepped into that nursery, we were surrounded by plants in colors that we never imagined could possibly be there. The nursery was not only selling plants, there were many people who were there to learn more about plants which made us more curious to visit that nursery again.

The next day we both went there again and requested the team who let us meet the owner. When the owner came all we wanted to ask him, how did he manage to all the people true plant lovers?…. He replied, I did nothing, the beauty of these plants did this.

The plants we bought from that nursery were looking so beautiful in our office that after a few days we decided to enroll for the plants’ care sessions.

About initiation of this project

We then started a project in March 2020 to create a one-stop-shop for plant lovers for everything they need to know about any plant in the world and bring more green into homes.
Indian Gardner is all about living with plants. The goal is to highlight all the necessary details of the plants.
Indian Gardner is here to help strengthen your relationship with plants. We make buying plants easy for you by delivering healthy, ready-to-go plants to your door and setting you up with the tips and tricks you need to help your plants thrive. Plants make life better. We make plants easy.

Meet the Partners :

Indian Gardner Team Aanchal & Abhishek
Indian Gardner Team

By profession Aanchal is a Social Media Manager, she holds a degree in Bachelors in Computer Applications, after completing her graduation in 2018 and she started working in SEM Doctors – Digital Marketing Agency as a social media manager.
After 1.5 yrs of her professional career, she developed interest and gardening and started growing different types of plants in her house with the help of her mother. While doing that she started writing blogs on plants to help other plant lovers as well.

Abhishek Singh is the CEO of SEM Doctors and Co-Director of Gryffin Media – Digital Marketing Agency. He holds a degree in Bachelors in Computer Application, after completing his graduation in 2018 he started his own business and now he is a successful owner of two digital marketing agencies.